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Corporate upskilling programs offered by Wolfgang Messner

Professor Messner is not your typical trainer. Neither is he a typical academic. He knows what the ground reality is like, for a business unit head in London trying to get a new project approved, for a business consultant improving a client's operational effectiveness in Frankfurt, or for an associate on the delivery floor in Bangalore. Because he has worked in international management positions, and as a management consultant for high-profile clients - in the US, UK, Europe, and India.

His courses taught at the Darla Moore School of Business are listed here: Courses.

Intercultural Training India

For future expatriates, business travelers, and 'desk diplomats' who work with Indian colleagues in a geographically distributed environment.

Globalization has put India at the world's center stage. But when project teams from Western cultures first come into contact with their Indian counterparts, prejudices against the new and unknown typically amplify. This training improves corporate effectiveness by increasing cultural sensitivity, and acquiring appropriate intercultural collaboration skills. It drastically decreases the risk of project failure. Best taken in the early stages of a project with India, but better late than never!

Working across Cultures

For business associates working in multicultural project teams, either onsite or in a geographically distributed environment.

Building cohesive multicultural teams means building success. But managers, in far too many cases, simply brush off cultural issues. Why? Because they are difficult to define or to measure, and at times delicate to talk about. Intercultural misunderstandings mostly occur due to differences in communication style, reasoning, and expectations of each other. Only if everyone faces up to cultural differences it is possible to bridge the intercultural divide, and build strong teams.

Business Case for Investment Decisions

For business managers involved in preparing investment decisions for top-management approval.

In practically all organizations, investment decisions are justified with a business case. But many business cases are based on unrealistic assumptions: They wrongly quantify costs, and optimistically estimate benefits. In short, they are the real reason for many wrong investment decisions. This course provides the knowledge, processes, and tools to build sound business cases based on the elements of cost, benefit, risk, and strategic flexibility.

Press Coverage

The Economist - Executive Education Navigator

Doing Business in India: Risk for Reward

Kate Rodriguez

Doing business in IndiaThis article written by Kate Rodgriguez and published in The Economist Executive Education Navigator describes the custom Doing Business with India programs offered since 2012 by Wolfgang Messner and Rebecca Winkelmann, managing director of executive education at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management:

The industry-adaptive curriculum features visits to Mumbai, Bangalore, and Mysore over the course of a week, touring multinational company sites as well as local businesses and a school for underserved children. It’s all designed to give participants a deeper understanding of Indian work culture, consumer demand and investment risks and possibilities.

CIO Magazine - (05/06 2015)

IT-Manager auf Indien-Reise: Kultur frisst Strategie

Horst Ellermann

Doing business in IndiaHorst Ellermann, editor in chief of the Magazine and a program participant, highlights the importance of attending to cultural aspects when doing business in India.

The best strategy fails if it needs to fight an established culture. Academics and practitioners agree. Including Wolfgang Messner, Associate Professor of International Management at MYRA School of Business, whose resume features both business and academia. Messner has been living in South India for the past seven years. There is hardly any place on earth where leaders can test their leadership qualities - because domestic strategies don't work there. Messner knows that.


Sarah Allwood - UK

Business Support Manager, LSBU London South Bank University

A really insightful course, taught by an engaging and humourous coach. Thank you!

Somok Ghosh - Germany

Head of Offshore Management, Deutsche Post

A very impressive seminar and certainly unique in its form. The seminar offers hands-on yet indepth information enabling our teams to successfully collaborate with our providers.

Venkata Jayaraman - India

Country Head Payments & CMS Operations, ING Vysya Bank

I appreciate the efforts taken to explain and narrow the divide between different cultures and business communities.

Govindaraju Nelamangala - India

Development Director Central Europe, Sartorius Stedim India

Wolfgang's training on Working across Cultures was very well received by all the participants. The realisation of cultural differences and the learning about the values of other cultures is very useful in our international business. Initially, the participants were sceptical about the program but when it started and went ahead, it was very enjoyable and learning was easy through examples and video clips. It gave us the right understanding and approach towards intercultural differences.

Andreas Philipp - Germany

Development Director Central Europe, Torex Retail Solutions

Many thanks for the excellent training! It has been very well received by the team and myself; I am sure it is going to be helpful to master our upcoming challenges.

Peter Schmid - Germany

Senior Software Engineer, Elektrobit Automotive

Very vivid and broad review with many helpful hands-on examples.

Srinivasan Sivasubramanian - India

Principal Consultant, Infosys

Doing business and meeting cultural differences are a given. But when you understand why people behave the way they do, things become far simpler. I thought I knew the nuances of how to do business – but this session helped me to look beyond the obvious.

Ignanz Vinzenz - Switzerland

Director, IGS Informatikgesellschaft für Sozialversicherungen GmbH

I thank Wolfgang Messner for his effort in supporting our Indian projects. As a trainer and coach he manages to convey images in his workshops that adequately reflect the reality and thereby help our employees to safely, respectfully and thus successfully collaborate with their Indian colleagues. In addition, the seminar opens a door to a rather different, impressive culture. We consistently receive a very good feedback from the participants – and an excellent one after their first visit to India.

James Wong - USA

Plant Manager, KHS USA Inc.

Wolfgang's training was both insightful and educational; I now understand the behavior, values, and culture of my colleagues from India and Germany better. Thank you!