Strategy and Leadership Keynote Speaker

Dr. Wolfgang MessnerDr. Wolfgang Messner is available for keynote presentations at corporate events and conferences around the world. He also delivers full-day and half-day masterclasses. He knows that sitting through a boring speech is utterly painful - so he keeps things a little edgy and full of examples to craft presentations that are educational, motivating, and - last but not least - entertaining. His presentations are never off-the-shelf, but always updated, customized, and adapted to the needs of the conference organizer or the corporate.

Wolfgang has presented at events in Czech Republic, Germany, India, The Netherlands, and U.K. to audiences including entrepreneurs, B2B businesses, IT & BPO companies, business school students, and more. His satisfied audiences have included: BICCNet, BITKOM, EEC Expat Entrepreneur Circle, Emerge Conference St. Gallen, Henley Management School, IBC Global Conferences, IIM-B, Jaypee Cement Group, ManagementCircle, Marcus Evans Conferences, NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, Project Management Institute PMI Bangalore Chapter, Verizon, and many more.

Wolfgang has lived and worked in Europe and Asia; he has extensive international experience and written six books. So he has a particular expertise engaging audiences from different cultural backgrounds.



Dr. Wolfgang Messner Dr. Wolfgang Messner Dr. Wolfgang Messner Dr. Wolfgang Messner Dr. Wolfgang Messner



Speaking Topics

The below are examples of Wolfgang's speaking topics - please contact him directly to discuss your requirements and find out about availability and fees.

Product and Service Innovation for Emerging Markets/India
Innovation is no longer the domain of companies headquarterred in New York, London, or Tokyo. In fact, products or services created there won't work in emerging markets like India. Follow the stories of some interesting (and not necessarily well-known) companies and learn how to unlock product and service innovation for India.

Communicating in a Global World
Globalization requires us to charge across countries, time zones, and cultures like never before. Avoid the pitfalls of intercultural communication and start the journey of cultural appreciation.

The Art of Small Talk
Small talk gives people a chance to create bridges. But more important than talking is listening - only through attentive listening will you know what to say.

Why Doesn't My Project Deliver the Promised Results?
Maximizing value - given certain restrictions - for the enterprise, its shareholders, and customers is at the core of management. Yet, many of us feel we are playing roulette with our decisions - or could get better results doing exactly this. Learn what it takes to professionalize your corporate decision making process for business growth. What project to start, which proposal to turn down?

New Rules of Marketing for Small Businesses
Most businesses are started because the owner is good at - and interested in - doiong something really well. But they waste money on ineffective marketing. Avoid the black hole of marketing and learn how to use social media, blogs, books, and other viral marketing techniques to instantly engage your market and connect with your customers.

Do You Still Need a Résumé in the Age of Social Media?
Learn to complement your résumé with content on social media to find your new job, create business partnerships, and to project yourself as an international professional.