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Engaging with India
How to Manage the Softer Aspects of a Global Collaboration

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If you are like many professionals I meet, you probably think of engaging with your colleagues in India as an 'unpleasant necessity.' Something you have to do to stay in business in today's world marked by globalization and cost-cutting. But just thinking about 'picking up the telephone' or opening another of these 'weird' emails from India brings you out in a cold sweat.

I know because many of my colleagues and clients I have worked with in more than 18 years have told me that is exactly how they once felt about engaging with India. I used to be the same. That is, until I discovered what I am about to share with you: that people in different cultures have different preferences that impact their abilities to be successful.

In my book, I will show you why culture matters to you and how to overcome cultural differences. I will also reveal where the differences in business and social culture are. I will uncover the dynamics of the industry on the subcontinent. And I will tell you how to successfully engage with India.

These practical techniques will help you become more successful in your project or in your cooperation with your business partners or colleagues in India. They can be used instantly, but I don't recommend you to implement them all at once – just choose two or three that strike you the most, adapt them to your organization, to the way you and your colleagues in India work, understand their leverage, and then introduce a few more.

Start using the information today and reap the benefits of diversity for you and your organization. Last but not least, start enjoying the fun element in intercultural collaboration.

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"I highly recommend that everyone should read this book, especially if you are an entrepreneuer doing business with Indians. Thanks for posting this for free!"

Ema Trinidad, Owner, Magic Touch India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (India)

"I thank Wolfgang Messner for his effort in supporting our Indian projects. As a trainer and coach he manages to convey images in his workshops that adequately reflect the reality and thereby help our employees to safely, respectfully and thus successfully collaborate with their Indian colleagues."

Ignaz Vinzens, Director, IGS GmbH, St. Gallen (Switzerland)

"The intercultural workshop helped bridge the cultural gap by creating more awareness of the differences in cultural values. It added the essence of the 'people factor' to the project which makes distributed delivery very lively and more collaborative. This workshop should be conducted with every client who runs an offshore delivery component."

Shantanu Patil, Project Manager, Capgemini, Mumbai (India)


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