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Wolfgang Messner has published eight books, including Making the Compelling Business Case and Working with India. His latest book The Palgrave Handbook of Managing Continuous Business Transformation (co-edited with Horst Ellermann and Peter Kreutter) was published in January 2017.

An overview of his published research is available here: Academic research.

Managing Continuous Business Transformation

Horst Ellermann, Peter Kreutter, and Wolfgang Messner (eds.)
Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

Managing Continuous Business Transformation

This handbook provides a comprehensive and unparalleled reference point for studying continuous business transformation. Asserting that change will be the new normal and highlighting the fact that business transformation can never be complete, this important resource is a tool for coping with ongoing change in order to become and stay resilient, the predominant concern of executives across industries. Containing case study material to illustrate issues and solutions, The Palgrave Handbook of Managing Continuous Business Transformation takes an interdisciplinary approach weaving together strategic concepts with real-life experiences, connecting human resource issues with shifts in information technology and linking customers with the businesses from which they buy. Structured into four parts; transformational shifts, achieving customer centricity, dealing with new technology and leading the change, this handbook is crucial reading for academics, scholars and practitioners of business transformation.

Winning the Right Job

Pratibha Messner and Wolfgang Messner
Pan Macmillan India, 2015

Winning the right job

You know you have the right skills, a curious mind, the drive and discipline to make your career goals a reality. And yet, do you find yourself lost in a maze of job portals, social networking, online applications, calls with agents and futile rounds of interviews? that 'dream job' does not come easily. At the beginning of your career and unguided by a mentor, the challenges are manifold: getting it right during the phases of application, the interview and the negotiation can be tricky. Relevant both for entry-level jobseekers and those planning a change, winning the right job - a blueprint to acing the interview shows you how to approach a potential employer and answer questions on attitudes, life skills, ambitions and expectations. The book guides you through the interviewing and negotiating days, helps you decide whether the role on offer is right for youand provides tips on making a gracious exit from your current and a powerful entry to the new organization.

Making the Compelling Business Case

Wolfgang Messner
Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

Business Case

Despite clear objectives, managers often make decisions on projects with uncertain outcomes, which can result in failed initiatives, missed goals and overrunning costs. A business case is a process, a tool and a document that builds consensus among stakeholders and gives decisionmakers the rational evidence they need to give the go-ahead.
Making the Compelling Business Case shows readers how to champion new ideas and raise them to senior management; it simplifies the decision-making process by explaining the key theories and practices behind corporate investments. These methods can be applied to a variety of investment decisions, including strategic choices, capacity management, and budget allocation alternatives. This comprehensive and stimulating book features insightful case-studies and valuable hands-on tools, designed to help executives make smart decisions and to maximize enterprise value.

Globalization of Professional Services

Ulrich Baeumer, Peter Kreutter, and Wolfgang Messner (eds.)
Springer, 2012

Globalization of Professional Services

In the past, services had a strong local and national focus. Professional services were very likely to be independently and autonomously organized from country to country in order to cater to local needs and local legal requirements. This has since changed radically, and highly integrated business and delivery models around the globe have become the status quo in clients' businesses and strategies. Serving clients on a global level requires professional services firms to adopt a structural change from local to distributed global sales and delivery.
This book brings together many years of experience, current perspectives and future ideas of international business practitioners, academics, and market researchers. Along those lines it is structured into four parts. Part I "Winning Strategies and Innovative Ideas" lays the book's foundation: it discusses core strategies behind the globalization movement and introduces the major paradigms and ideas. Part II "Successful Processes for Realization" provides solutions for how to establish successful processes for delivering global professional services. Part III "Inspired Talent Management" goes to the core of the professional services industry: attracting, developing, and keeping the right talent in the right locations. Finally, Part IV offers "Experiences and Case Studies" on all aspects related to successfully building a globalized professional services firm.
In short, this handbook provides professional services firms and their clients alike with a sound foundation for responding strategically to fundamental global changes and turning them into business advantages. It offers a comprehensive perspective of why and how to successfully globalize a professional services firm.

Intelligent IT Offshoring to India

Wolfgang Messner
Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

IT Offshoring to India

At a time when companies face increasing cost pressures, offshoring IT work to India not only offers the opportunity to reap savings in factor costs, but also to industrialize the IT delivery process. Intelligent IT Offshoring to India is a roadmap approach that enables organizations to discuss and organize the 'India option' in a learned manner. The book opens with an explanation of offshoring, industrialization, and the role India plays in this context; it considers offshoring as a lifecycle and explores how it can help to achieve a company's business and IT priorities. Providing a framework for assessing the organizational and technical offshore readiness, as well as the risks involved, the book moves on to suggest a practical and lean provider selection process. It concludes by showing how active management of the relationship with the provider together with a stringent construct of measures lead to a successful offshore venture.

Working with India

Wolfgang Messner
Springer, 2009

Working with India

Globalization requires effective international and cross-cultural collaboration. When project teams from Western cultures first come into contact with colleagues from the Indian IT and BPO industry, prejudices against the new and unknown are typically amplified. This book is a start on the journey of cultural appreciation for managers, project leaders, and offshore coordinators working together with Indians. It is also a resource for business managers and company strategists seeking to understand the softer aspects behind the headlines that the Indian IT and BPO industry so frequently creates. Being both academically well researched and an account of the author's many years of personal experience in India, the book opens with a description of cultural dimensions that help to break down culturally driven matters. It provides background information about India as a country and a social system. Examining the development and current status of India's IT and BPO industry, it moves on to describe the dynamics of its workforce. The book then provides practical information on how to communicate, negotiate, and interact with Indian colleagues, and intelligently utilize expatriates. It closes by formulating recommendations for a more effective collaboration.


Anja Hendel, Frank Thun, and Wolfgang Messner (eds.)
Springer, 2008


At a time when business demands urge companies to innovate and CIOs face increasing cost pressures, offshore delivery offers the opportunity to industrialize the implementation processes for system harmonization, consolidation, and enhancement, thereby realizing substantial cost savings and quality improvements. Rightshore(R) - a registered trademark of Capgemini - is about organizing the distributed delivery process that embraces on-site, nearshore and offshore services. This book describes successful global delivery models utilizing industrialized methods to deliver SAP(R) projects from India. While the first part is devoted to management concepts, service offerings and the peculiarities of working together with India, the second part features eight case studies from different industries and from around the world describing how India delivery centers have been successfully deployed in SAP(R) development projects.

CRM bei Banken

Wolfgang Messner
BoD, 2005

Customer Relationship Management in Retail Banking

Banken befinden sich in einer schwierigen Phase. Steigende Kundenanforderungen müssen unter dem Druck sinkender Margen erfüllt werden. Die bankeninterne Komplexität schafft zusätzliche Probleme. Zur Sicherung ihrer wirtschaftlichen Position müssen Banken einen Service anbieten, der sowohl im Preis als auch in der Leistung attraktiv ist. Hierfür ist eine radikale Orientierung am Kundenprozess und an den Kundenbedürfnissen unerlässlich. Das Buch bietet für das Retail Banking eine methodische Grundlage in Form eines Vorgehensplans für die Erarbeitung eines ganzheitlichen Customer Relationship Management (CRM) auf strategisch-konzeptioneller, prozessualer, organisatorischer und systemseitiger Ebene. Die zur Verfügung gestellten Methoden und Vorgehensweisen werden anhand von modellhaften bzw. exemplarischen Inhalten praxisnah erläutert.