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"I thank Wolfgang Messner for his effort in supporting our Indian projects. As a trainer and coach he manages to convey images in his workshops that adequately reflect the reality and thereby help our employees to safely, respectfully and thus successfully collaborate with their Indian colleagues. In addition, the seminar opens a door to a rather different, impressive culture. We consistently receive a very good feedback from the participants – and an excellent one after their first visit to India."
Ignaz Vinzens, Director, IGS GmbH, St. Gallen (Switzerland), 04/2010

"The intercultural workshop was indeed a very interesting day packed with lots of fun, information and spicy food for thought. It helped bridge the cultural gap between Indians, British, Germans and Italians by creating more awareness of the differences in cultural values. It added the essence of the 'people factor' to the project which makes distributed delivery very lively and more collaborative. This workshop should be conducted with every client who runs an offshore delivery component. Wolfgang Messner conducted the workshop very professionally keeping in mind the minutest of details."
Shantanu Patil, Project Manager, Capgemini, Mumbai (India), 08/2010

"A very impressive seminar and certainly unique in its form. The seminar offers hands-on yet indepth information enabling our teams to successfully collaborate with our providers."
Somok Ghosh, Head of Offshore Management, Deutsche Post, Bonn (Germany), 04/2010

"A really insightful course, taught by an engaging and humourous coach. Thank you!"
Sarah Allwood, Business Support Manager, London Southbank University, London (UK), 09/2012

"Great training, showing the cultural differences and how to bridge them. Thanks. Was a great time!"
Antonino Gargano, Delivery Manager, Capgemini Outsourcing, Germany & Italy, 05/2011

"Great content and fantastic delivery. Lots of learning about Western countries. Thanks!"
Ravi Tirumalaraju, Head Mobile Solutions, Corpus Mobile Labs, Hyderabad (India), 10/2011

"Many thanks for the excellent training! It has been very well received by the team and myself; I am sure it is going to be helpful to master our upcoming challenges."
Andreas Philipp, Development Director Central Europe, Torex Retail Solutions, Berlin (Germany), 08/2011

"The facilitator was engaging and provided real-life examples that I could engage with."
Ryo Ashida, Management Accountant, London South Bank University, London (U.K.), 09/2012

"The training was very good and helped me to gain a better awareness for the Indian culture and cultural differences in general. It offered a good mix of theoretical background and practical advice."
Arne Claßen, Infrastructure Engineer, Capgemini Outsourcing (Germany), 05/2011

"The training was really good and well structured."
Lokesh C. Malhotra, Project Manager, CSC, Bangalore (India), 10/2011

"I thought the training was great! It was interesting, true to life and offered me precisely the information I had so far been lacking about the culture and thinking of our Indian colleagues. it will help me to interact and communicate more consciously with the Indian employees from now on."
Sarah Varga, Manager, sd&m, Stuttgart (Germany), 04/2010

"Schöne Mischung aus Vortrag, Filmen, Diskussion; gute Darstellung der Ergebnisse; gute Auswahl der Medien und Konzepte mit Aha-Erlebnissen; Sachkenntnisse des Dozenten"
Michael Zell, Development Engineer Check Weighing Machines, Sartorius Mechatronics, Aachen (Germany), 09/2012

"Given Wolfgang Messner's experience at work coupled with the insider's view that he has gained through his marriage to an Indian, his approach to handling the communication gaps with Indians are hands-on and facilitate collaboration."
Sreemathi Ramnath, President SIETAR India, Chennai (India), from the foreword of Working with India, 2009

"Doing business and meeting cultural differences are a given. But when you understand why people behave the way they do, things become far simpler. I thought I knew the nuances of how to do business – but this session helped me to look beyond the obvious."
Srinivasan Sivasubramanian, Principal Consultant, Infosys Ltd., Bangalore (India), 10/2011

"Good examples, one could really sense the real-world experience."
Dr Marion Kremer, Head of CSD Research and University Relations, Capgemini, Frankfurt am Main (Germany), 09/2011

"I appreciate the efforts taken to explain and narrow the divide between different cultures and business communities."
Venkata Jayaraman, Country Head Payments & CMS Operations, ING Vysya Bank, Mumbai (India), 10/2011

"Sehr hilfreich bei Planung und Bewertung von Offshoring-Projekten in Indien. Das Training hilft, Fehler zu vermeiden und vermittelt einen realistischen Eindruck von Chancen und Risiken der Entwicklung in Indien."
Peter Asemann, Senior Software Engineer, Elektrobit Automotive, Erlangen (Germany), 09/2011

"Very vivid and broad review with many helpful hands-on examples."
Peter Schmid, Senior Software Engineer, Elektrobit Automotive, Erlangen (Germany), 09/2011

"It was very useful and beneficial to have this session with Wolfgang. The conversations it started are useful and it will definitely help us to improve our investment appraisal process."
Cherie Chin-A-Fo, Financial Planning Manager, London South Bank University, London (U.K.), 09/2012

"Praxisbezug, hohe Wissensdichte, geringe Pausen, konzentriertes Arbeiten, Spaß und Kurzatmigkeit."
Andreas Loodt, Strategic Purchasing, Sartorius Mechatronic, Aachen (Germany), 09/2012


Intercultural Communication and Collaboration Appraisal The ICCA™ Intercultural Communication and Collaboration Appraisal is a comprehensive psychometric, reliable, and cross-culturally valid diagnosis framework for intercultural coaching helping participants to become increasingly culturally competent and skilled in professional interactions. Now also available as Team-ICCA™.

Keynote Speaker

Dr Wolfgang Messner is available as a keynote speaker for presentations at corporate events and conferences. He presents to audiences all over the world on the ways to build successful international businesses.

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Dr. Wolfgang Messner                                 Pratibha Messner
Associate Professor
MYRA School of Business (India)

Pratibha and Wolfgang Messner (2015). Winning the Right Job. A Blueprint to Acing the Interview 11 Feb 2015

Announcing our new book: Winning the Right Job.

Messner, P., & Messner, W. (2015). Winning the Right Job. A Blueprint to Acing the Interview. New Delhi: Pan Macmillan India.

Winning the Right Job. A Blueprint to Acing the Interview aims at guiding entry-level job seekers and mid-career changers on successfully cracking the complete interview process to get to that dream job.
You know you have the right skills, a curious mind, the drive and discipline to make your career goals a reality. And yet, do you find yourself lost in a maze of job portals, social networking, online applications, calls with agents and futile rounds of interviews?
That dream job does not come easily. At the beginning of your career and unguided by a mentor, the challenges are manifold-getting it right during the phases of application, the interview and the negotiation can be tricky.
Relevant both for entry-level job seekers and those planning a change, winning the right job-a blueprint to acing the interview shows you how to approach a potential employer and answer questions on attitudes, life skills, ambitions and expectations. The book guides you through the interviewing and negotiating days, helps you decide whether the role on offer is right for you and provides tips on making a gracious exit from your current and a powerful entry to the new organization.

Making the Compelling Business Case by Wolfgang Messner 31 Jan 2015

India emerging market edition launched for our book

Messner, W. (2015). Making the Compelling Business Case. Decision-Making Techniques for Successful Business Growth. New Delhi: Pan Macmillan India.

Please see the book's companion website for the table of contents and reviews by leading practitioners as well as academicians. The book is now also available as a low-cost emerging market edition in bookstores and through online retailers in India.

Why Change is the New Normal. Managing Transformational Shifts 25 Jan 2015

Contributions are invited to a new book volume on business transformation. Why Change is the New Normal. Managing Transformational Shifts will be a compendium of writings intended to shed light on business transformation.

Please see the call for contribution for more information.

Management of Change, chief guest address by Wolfgang Messner 27/28 Feb 2014

Wolfgang Messner invited as Chief Guest to the International Conference on Emerging Paradigms in Management Research

The conference was jointly organized by Vivekanandha Institute of Information and Management Studies, Tiruchengode and Mother Teresa Women's University, Kodaikanal, India. In his chief guest address, Wolfgang Messner discussed how businesses and individuals can succeed in a world where change seems to be the new normal.

Making the Compelling Business Case by Wolfgang Messner 29 Nov 2013

Announcing our new book: Making the Compelling Business Case

Messner, W. (2013). Making the Compelling Business Case. Decision-Making Techniques for Successful Business Growth. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.

In his new new book Making the Compelling Business Case, Wolfgang Messner shows readers how to champion new ideas and raise them to senior management; he simplifies the decision-making process by explaining the key theories and practices behind corporate investments. These methods can be applied to a variety of investment decisions, including strategic choices, capacity management, and budget allocation alternatives. The book is comprehensive and stimulating; it features insightful case-studies and valuable hands-on tools, designed to help executives make smart decisions and to maximize enterprise value.

Please see the book's companion website for the table of contents and reviews by leading practitioners as well as academicians. The book is now available in bookstores and through online retailers.

Dr. Wolfgang Messner at PMPC 2013 14 Sep 2013

Presentation by Wolfgang Messner at Project Management Practitioner's Conference 2013 in Bangalore

Leveraging Organizational Culture to Transform Offshore IT Service Delivery Teams.

PMPC is the Annual Project Management Practitioners’ Conference hosted by the Bangalore Chapter of the Project Management Institute PMI. The 8th edition of the conference in September 2013 was attended by more than 800 participants; Dr. Wolfgang Messner was invited to speak about "Leveraging Organizational Culture to Transform Offshore IT Service Delivery Teams" (conference presentation, paper) based on his empirical research published earlier in the Journal of Indian Business Research (original journal paper). High attrition rates in India’s offshore service delivery centers not only put any provider’s knowledge management and transfer processes to the test, but they are also a common grievance of end clients often resulting in a critical stance of the entire offshore delivery model. In order to make fundamental changes in how service delivery teams are organized, it is critical to understand the specific antecedents to employee commitment. Outcome from empirical research conducted in Pune (Capgemini) and Bangalore (Infosys) suggests that organizations should first and foremost cultivate in-group collectivism and performance orientation. In general, employee commitment should be viewed from an organizational culture perspective.

Leadership Excellence Program by WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management and CIO Magazine 28th February 2013

The IT-business magazine "CIO – IT-Strategie für Manager" and WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management have designed a general management program exclusively for CIOs and top-managers in corporations. This leadership excellence programme consists of three modules:
  • A four-day intensive seminar on leadership, strategy, and innovation at WHU in Vallendar.
  • One week in India (Mumbai and Bangalore) with a focus on intercultural collaboration, workshops, field trips, and participation at the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum.
  • Preparation of a position & perspective paper.
We are delighted to work with CIO-Magazine and WHU to support the workshops and field trips in India. More information on the first India module is available at